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Curtiss SBC-4 (or-3) "Helldiver"

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1:6 scale biplane dive bomber

 68" Span, 1267 sq. in. for 1.2-1.8 four stroke  16 lbs.

    These SBC-4 plans were scaled from Peter Westburg drawings published in the old "Model Builder" magazine.  I believe those drawings  are still available from Bill  Northrop Plans Service at 702 896-2162, 2019 Doral Ct Henderson NV 89074.  These plans are drawn from a 3-D wire frame, so the parts fit.

     This is a large, beautiful, complex aircraft, for the scale craftsman,  and it is  the ultimate biplane for the lover of Golden Age aircraft. 

     The SBC was a metal airplane with some fabric covering.   The model simulates this.  It is built with scale-like structure. It has all ribs, fuselage formers, stringers, spars and floors in the scale locations.  When you look into the cockpit, the structure you see is what you would have seen on the original. 

    The metal covered areas are covered with a specialty paper that exactly simulates sheet metal covering, down to the slight ripple effect along rivet lines.  The panel lines are real panel lines.  The over all effect is one of breathtaking realism, and the process results in a lighter weight aircraft. The instructions detail this process.

     The SBC had a retractable landing gear, the wheels lying flush with the sides of the fuselage ahead of the lower wing. The plans Include a  scale retractable gear plan, with  air and electric schematics and layouts. The gear requires only home shop fabrication.

      Plans show a scale, Retractable Tail Wheel

     Plans show all structural details, scale control surface hinging, wire rigging and operating dive brakes

     SBC-3 configuration variations  are shown on the plans.

     Flying wires and struts are scale and functional.

     All control surfaces are removable.  The aircraft separates into several components: The upper wing is in 3 sections. The outer sections are readily removable for transport and storage, while the cabane struts and landing wires can remain attached to the fuselage.  The cabanes and landing wires are removable, too.  The flying wires are attached to quick-disconnect struts.  The lower wing is removable.  The empennage is removable.  The landing gear is removable.  So are the cowling and upper front deck.

      All servos are accessible.

      The canopies slide.  The upper rear deck can be hinged to collapse to clear the rear gun for use.  Servos remove with the various sections, needing only plug connections. 

    Lighting is provided for. 

    Engine Cooling is provided for. 

    Dummy engine mounting is provided for, and purchased parts are specified


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Plans  (100 sq. ft. rolled in a tube)      $65 (frt prepaid) 

    The Plans even show the actual length of the flying wires and the sliding canopy details.  All servo locations and mounts are shown.  There are numerous construction notes on the plans.  Plans include scale operating retracting landing gear.

Building instructions  22 pages                                                                   $9 (frt $3)

    The instructions allow the builder to enjoy the building process without wondering how to do things or what to do next. 

    Materials and methods used to simulate the metal skin are explained. 

    The instructions will introduce the modeler to many new building methods and time saving techniques.

     Documentation sources are called out in the building instructions.  The SBC had many attractive color schemes, from at least 3 countries, and in both pre-war colors and wartime camouflage.

Cowling SBC-4 only,  fiberglass and epoxy resin                                               $55 (frt $11)

Canopy (5 pieces)                                                                                                  $48 (frt $11) Frt prepaid if shipped with canopy.

Landing gear  operation explanation and materials list  (3 pgs)               $7 (frt $2)




Parts Cutting Templates  Extra parts plans for cutting out parts.          $15 (prepaid with plans, $7 folded in envelope if extra)

Paper covering material 15 sheets , enough to cover the airplane plus             $15   (frt $4)

Laser Cut Wood Parts   for the 1/6th scale airplane, above                                 $239 (frt $13)


Larger Size Plans and Templates in 1/5th Scale   82" wing span, 1823 sq. in. for 2.0 glow.       $120 (frt $13)

Laser Cut Wood Parts   for the 1/5th scale airplane, above                                 $285 (frt $13)

Molded parts not available in this size.

Smaller Size Plans and Templates in 1/8th Scale   51" wing span, 716 for .60 glow.       $50 (frt $13)

Laser Cut Wood Parts   for the 1/8th scale airplane, above                                 $195 (frt $13)

Molded parts not available in this size.





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