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Heinkel  He111 H-6  "Blitz Bomber"

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1:10 scale @ 89" span, 1353 sq. in. for two .50ís

 Weight, 20 lbs.

Balsa & ply with many alternative parts available

  An easy-to-fly twin, with a dual  torpedo or bomb drop

Fuselage,  wing center section, wing outer panels, and tail surfaces disassemble for transport.

All control surfaces are removable

Cockpit and nose remove for interior detailing

Upper gun turret slides and removes for detailing

Lower gun gondola removes for handling and detailing

All engine systems and fuel tanks are accessible for servicing

Low wing loading for gentle flying

Fully enclosed engine cooling is provided for, and it works

Can be converted to electric flight

    Major H model variations are shown on the plans. The aircraft can be easily converted to the  "P" model by changing the location of the supercharger air intakes.  (These are molded separately on the fiberglass cowlings.)

Click on the UNDERLINED items below for pictures.


Plans, CAD drawn,100 sq. ft.     (rolled in tube)  $65  (frt prepaid)

    These plans are drawn from a 3-D wire frame, so the parts fit.  Every piece and installation method is shown on the plans.  The drawings include control runs, servo mounts, tail wheel steering, servo lead guide tubes, air tank access, etc.  All  surface disassembly  methods are shown.  A full size drawing of all the windows is included. 

    The lower gun gondola is removable, and the mounting method is shown. The external bomb rack shapes are shown, as are the outlines for the torpedoes used.  The wheel well door hinges are on the plans and the actuation is described in the instructions. 

    All building jigs are shown on the plans.  Engine exhaust manifolds that fit inside the cowlings and exhaust ducting and components are shown on the plans.  Exhaust pipes are  detailed on the plans, too.

 Building Instructions Very complete step-by-step (20 pages)   $10 (frt $3) 

    These include documentation sources for the aircraft and various color schemes, plus paint sources.  They are also an introduction to  easier building methods for any project.  The instructions even include recommended glues for particular jobs and include some information about the real airplane, too.           

 Clear Window and Turret Set vacuum formed    $78  (frt $12)

    The set includes mounting and painting instructions. All windows are included, even the little ones above the lower gun gondola.

 Exhaust Stacks Cast urethane resin (4 complete sets of 6)    $39  (frt $4)

 Flying Spinners and Hubs Fiber glass and epoxy resin for 2 engines (specify  engine)  $60  (frt $6) 

    The mounting method assures that these spinners will not "spin off" with the use of an electric starter.  The scale shape is not available elsewhere.

 Static Spinners Fiber glass and epoxy resin  for 2 engines  $40  (frt $6)

    These are the same as the flying spinners, but do not include hubs, They use the flying spinner hubs.

Decals, as in photo , including National markings, Squadron & Aircraft Letter Codes, Lion Insignia,  $20 (frt $4)





Computer CD Rom Building Instructions and Construction Pictures      $15  (frt $2)

    20 pages of instructions, 36 construction photos and  2 finished aircraft photos on a CD ROM to look at 

     in your computer and print as you wish.   

Dual Strut Retracting Main Landing Gear   Made for this airplane.  Comes with complete accessory set.  $385 (frt $12)

Laser Cut Wood Parts  All the cut wood parts in the airplane, but not the skins.                                                  $245  (frt $12)

Templates  Extra parts drawings nested on wood sizes so you can cut out parts $15 (frt prepaid with plans, $11 in extra tube)

 Scale Dual Strut Main Landing Gear Drawing                                                                                     $8  (frt prepaid)    

        These are shock absorbing, sprung landing gear struts only.   You'll need a drill press and a disk sander, plus drills and a threading tap.  Parts are assembled with "LocTite" epoxy thread locking compound.  Fits "Single Strut" landing gear shown below for retracting mechanism and air system.

Single Strut Retracting Main Landing Gear   Specially made for this airplane.  Comes with complete accessory set.  $340 (frt $12)

Templates for lettering and insignias as on the photo above, printed on plain paper  or sent to your template maker in a cutting file.  Ask for them.

Paint A water clean-up, almost odorless,  fuel proof paint in scale colors, from "Warbird Colors"






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