Heinkel He 219 "Uhu" ("Owl")

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Germany's Best WWII Twin Engine Night Fighter

1:8 scale @  91" wingspan,  1174 sq. in., for Two .75ís,

(1:6 scale @ 121" wingspan, see below)

Balsa & plywood

For the flyer who wants something fast, (and fierce looking, too).

Click on the UNDERLINED items below for illustration.

Disassembles into 9 pieces for transport and access, with a 3-piece fuselage and a 3 piece wing with removable nacelles.  The cockpit is removable for convenient detailing.  The  bottom of the fuselage (the "weapons gondola") is removable  for air system and radio access. 

Separation points are scale.

All control surfaces are removable

No control systems are disassembled when the parts are separated, just servo plugs and air line quick-disconnects.

Engines and nacelles are built to line up without additional measuring or jigging.

All servos and control runs are shown on the plans. 

A completely hidden, simple aileron actuating mechanism is shown on the plans.  The aileron and flap servos are in the clear when the outer panel of the wing is removed.  All other controls are hidden, too.

A twin rudder actuating mechanism that really works is detailed on the plans.

All servo access is provided for, and the servos conveniently remove with the assembly sections.  Elevator and rudder servos are in the clear when the tail is removed.  Wing servos are in the clear when the outer wing panels are removed.  Throttle servos are in the clear when the nacelle tops are removed. The retract servo is in the clear when the weapons gondola is removed.

"Fowler" Flap actuation and parts are shown on the plans.  They work the same way the ones on a Cessna "Citation" jet do.  It is estimated that they are 20% more effective than the plain flaps used.  Both the plain and Fowler flaps are  double slotted. (The Cessna's aren't!).

Balance information is shown on a separate plan.

Assembly jigs are shown on the plans, and how to use them is described in the instructions.


Plans, CAD drawn (100 sq. ft.) and all the parts fit.                                             $65  (prepaid in  tube)

Building Instructions    Complete, 45 pages  (See below for photo CD)                  $15 (frt $2)  

   The instructions cover wood selection, building materials and methods, component sources , controls installation and procedures specific to this airplane.  They include documentation sources.  They describe engine cooling methods and stuff like that.  You'll like these.

Canopy   (3 piece) plus the clear RDF cover                                                                   $60 (frt $11)

   The center section is separate for an opening canopy.  The canopy comes with mounting and painting instructions.

Position Lights and Landing Light Clear molded resin for lighting covers.             $15 (frt $2)

Cowlings  Fiberglass and epoxy.  Gills molded in open position for cooling.              $90 (frt $11)

Flying Spinners and Hubs  (2 each)                                                                            $120 (frt $6)

    Fiberglass spinners with hubs drilled and tapped for your engines (specify engines). 

Static Spinners (2) and Scale Propeller Blades (6) These use the flying hubs for attachment.  

 Fiberglass spinners and urethane foam molded prop blades, with instructions.          $90  (frt 11$)

Nose Cap  Includes antenna locator spots, fiberglass and epoxy                                  $20 (frt $5)

Stabilizer-Fuselage Top Fairing       Fiberglass and epoxy                                         $15 (frt $2 in envelope) 

    This is a small piece, but it's tricky to make one that  fits well.

Decals  Insignias and squadron codes.    Specify black or blue bottom color scheme.        $30 (frt $4)

                                Send a picture if you have a specific aircraft in mind.

Flame Damper Tubes and Inlets  4 Rolled paper tubes, ready to paint, and 4 castings . $40 (frt $6) 




Designed to be converted to electric flight!  Lots of room for batteries, and cooling, too!


   Not included in Complete Set above

CD Rom Building Instructions and Construction Pictures      $25  (frt $2)  Pay only $15 prepaid with plans.

    45 pages of instructions, a bill of materials, 150 construction photos to look at in your computer.  

Templates  for cutting out parts without copying or cutting up your plans.  The parts are already nested and placed on the outlines of wood sheets.     $15 (prepaid and rolled, with plans, $11 in extra tube)

Paint Mask Templates Ask for them.  We can send insignia and lettering templates  to you in print form or to your template cutter in a cutting file.

Laser Cut Wood parts  1/8th scale:  All the wood parts except the skins for the above set $325 (frt $14)

Landing Gear  A complete landing gear with air system made especially for this airplane.        $545  (frt prepaid)

Paint A water clean-up, almost odorless,  fuel proof paint in scale colors, from "Warbird Colors", Click on "Paint"



Larger Size Plans     1:7 scale @ 104" span, 1533 sq. in., for two 1.08ís   (134 sq. ft.),       $85 prepaid. 

These plans are scaled up from the 1:8 plans, with appropriate wood size changes, and no parts are available for this size.  This size has not been built by the designer. 

Laser Cut Wood parts  1:7th scale: All cut wood parts, but no fuselage sides.                   $245 (frt$14)                                    


Much Larger Size Plans   1:6 scale @ 121" span, 2086 sq. in., for two 1.80ís (185 sq. ft.)  $135 prepaid. 

These plans are enlarged from the 1:8 plans.  This size has not been built by the designer.

Laser Cut Wood parts  1:6 scale:  All cut wood parts, but no fuselage sides.                             $395  (frt $14) 

These parts are enlarged from the 1:8 scale parts and the wood thickness has not been changed.  All the slots are oversize, due to the enlargement.

Canopy  1:6 scale:  Vacuum formed clear PETG plastic                                                                 $85 (frt $15)

Cowlings 1:6 scale:  Fiberglass and epoxy                                                         2 Cowlings       $175 (frt $13)

Spinners and Scale Propellers 1:6 scale:  Display spinners (vacuum formed), molded propeller blades   $125 (frt $13)

                                                           We're working on flying spinners.

Landing Gear  A complete landing gear with air system made especially for this airplane.        $790  (frt prepaid)




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