Vultee P-66 "Vanguard"

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1:5 scale @ 86" span, (1146 sq. in.) for 1.8 2- stroke or 4-stroke, 24 lbs.

United States 1939 PURSUIT

Balsa  & plywood basic construction

This airplane is a smooth flyer, and is easy to land

Plans 8 sheets (82 sq.ft) CAD drawn rolled in a tube with balance diagram and 3-VIEW!  $70 (frt. prepaid) 

Printed Building Instructions  43 step-by-step pages plus a Bill of Materials           $23  (frt $5 in envelope)

    Things you need to know to build this airplane, plus general building tips, methods and materials.

    The instructions include documentation, paint, color and markings information. 

Canopies   Vacuum Formed Clear  PETG plastic in 3 sections                                  $55  (frt $11)

    Front and rear canopies with moving part seams molded in, plus the wing light covers.


    Cowling  Fiberglass and Epoxy   one  piece molded                                                $75  (frt $11)

    Wing Fillets  Fiberglass and Epoxy   both  sides                                                       $50  (frt $11)

    Fairing  Fiberglass and Epoxy   under wing  fuselage bottom                                  $12  (frt $11)

    Fairing  Fiberglass and Epoxy   under stabilizer tail wheel housing                         $15  (frt $11)

    Guns  Fiberglass and Epoxy   2 pairs to fit on wing leading edge                           $16  (frt $4)

    Oil Cooler Air Intake  Fiberglass and Epoxy   one piece to fit fuselage                 $15  (frt $4)

    Trim Tabs Urethane Molded, ailerons, elevator and rudder                                      $25 (frt $4)

    Exhaust Pipe  Urethane Molded dummy  pipe to exit cowling                                  $12  (frt $4)

    Light Covers  PETG  molded clear plastic, 6 navigation and 1 landing                     $14  (frt $4)




 PLANS AND MOLDED PARTS SET   $380  (set frt prepaid)




  Not Sure?  Try this!

Computer CD Rom Building Instructions and Construction Pictures                 $20  (frt $3)

Instructions, a Bill of Materials, over 300 construction photos and  finished aircraft photos on a CD ROM

to look at in your computer and print as you wish.     (Add only $10 for CD ROM with printed plans)  


Instrument Panel Kit Urethane molded panel and instrument faces                                                    $40 (frt $4)

Laser Cut Wood Parts,  (wing only shown)  All the wood parts in the airplane, except the skins    $355 (frt $14 or prepaid with set)

Landing Gear  A complete retractable gear and air system made especially for this airplane.       $485  (frt $10 or prepaid with set)

Paint A water clean-up, almost odorless,  fuel proof paint in scale colors, from "Warbird Colors"

Templates  For wood parts to cut out  yourself.   Nested on wood outlines to use without cutting up your plans.  $ 15 (frt prepaid with plans, frt $11 rolled in separate tube)

Paint Mask Templates Ask for them.  We can send insignia and lettering templates  to you in print form or to your template cutter in a cutting file.


NOTE:  These parts were designed for laser cutting a "tab and slot" structure, and are more complex than most, with many rectangular holes.



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