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Westland S-4 "Wyvern"

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1:7 scale @ 75" span, 1060 sq. in. for 1.08 - 1.4, 2stroke

Model weight 18 lbs.


British Turboprop Naval Strike (Ground Attack) Aircraft of 1955.

Balsa & ply, with many formed parts available

This model is not  suitable for a heavier engine, the nose is too long and it would need an equal amount of extra weight in the tail.

The Wyvern is much larger than the wingspan seems to indicate.  It is a turbine powered carrier borne aircraft, and it is almost as long as its wingspan. 

Model Airplane News sells plans for a 36" wingspan version of this plane, with a documentation 3-view drawing,   Plan # FSP0600A, June 2000.

Click on the UNDERLINED items below for samples of plans.

Plans   (69 sq. ft.)                                        $55  (prepaid, rolled in a tube)

    The Wyvern plans include all details of the scale "Fairey - Youngman Area Increasing Flap" mechanism as used on the original, plus; dive brakes, drag flaps, engine air cooling and dual exhaust ducting, sliding canopy details, hidden control actuators, servo access and mounting, control runs, usable rear battery compartment as on the original (for batteries, switch and air jack, etc.), shock mounted removable motor mounting system (you can hold it in your hand to install the motor), functional tail hook (you can stop the airplane with it, if you want to), landing gear door hinging and actuation, scale airfoils, scale control surface hinging, easy control surface removal system, scale anti-stall strips and wing washout.    

    The plans show building jigs  too.

    The plans were drawn from a 3-dimensional "wire frame" CAD (computer aided design) and the parts fit!

Building Instructions  $15 (prepaid)

    The instructions are 24 pages of very complete step-by-step procedures, down to flap installation and servo hatch covers.  They include such things as general model building tips, data sources, paint sources, landing gear specifications and sources, door operating mechanism sources and even the best kinds of glue to use for specific purposes.  They also include some information about the real Wyvern, including what the name means.

1/4 Size Surface Detail 3-View  $15,   (prepaid and rolled with plans, folded if sent separately)

    (No, the 3-view doesn't show rivets: the Wyvern was welded together.  But, it does show cowling fasteners and panel lines)  This  is a must for the contest builder.

2 page 3-view  for contest documentation   $5  (frt $2)

Canopy and Wing Tip Light Covers, clear plastic $45   (frt $11)

Cowling, one piece fiberglass and epoxy resin  $55   (frt $10)

Detail Parts, set:   fiberglass & epoxy resin (24 pieces)  $175    (frt $10)

   Oil Cooler Inlets and Outlets

   Exhaust  Blisters

   Fillets for the Wing and Tail

   Fuselage Under Wing Fairing

   Flap Arm Fairings

   Air Scoops on Fuselage  (urethane resin)

   Guns (epoxy resin and fiberglass)

       These parts make building the Wyvern a lot easier, and they make it lighter, too.

Flying Spinner, one piece fiberglass with nut, (specify thread size) $95   (frt $6)

    This is a very large (5-3/8"), very long, spinner. 

The Wyvern had a 2-part spinner with two, 4-blade, contra-rotating, propeller sets.

Static Spinner fiberglass, extra cone only, fits on flying prop nut $55   (frt $6)

    Separates into two parts and uses the propeller blades below

Static Propeller Blades, set of 8, 4 RH and 4 LH, with easy mounting hubs, urethane resin $80 (frt $6)

Decals   National Insignias and 'Royal Navy + number' and large "J" tail code   $25 (frt $2)



Complete set of plans, instructions and parts $615   (freight prepaid)



Laser Cut Wood Parts   All the ribs and formers for the Wyvern, plus stuff like wing tips.               $195 (frt $13)

Templates  Extra parts drawings so you can cut out parts                $15 (prepaid with plans, $7 frt if sent folded.)

Paint Mask Templates Ask for them.  We can send insignia and lettering templates  to you in print form or to your template cutter in a cutting file.


Landing gear  A single strut retractable gear and air system made especially for this airplane.       $295 (frt $10)

                You will need an additional valve to operate the gear doors in a scale fashion.  See the B of M

Paint A water clean-up, almost odorless,  fuel proof paint in scale colors, from "Warbird Colors"


Larger Size Plans     1:6 scale @ 88" span, 1451 sq. in., for  2.0+, 2s   (95 sq. ft.),       $75 prepaid. 

These plans are scaled up from the 1:7 plans, with no other wood size changes, and no molded parts are available for this size.  This size has not been built by the designer. 

Laser Cut Wood parts  1:6 scale: All cut wood parts.                   $330 (frt$16)                                    

Landing gear  A single strut retractable gear and air system made especially for this airplane.  E-mail for current price, but will be in the $395 range.    

Much Larger Size Plans  1:5.5 scale @ 96" span, 1725 sq. in.            $95 prepaid

E-mail for parts availability.





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