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Curtiss SBC-4 "Helldiver" 1930's  US Navy  Biplane   Dive Bomber       68"  Wingspan

     Plans, Parts and Short Kits 

Douglas O-46                 1936  US Army           Observation Airplane       110"  Wingspan       NEW

     Plans, Parts and Short Kits 

Fairey "Firefly" Mk4-5  British WW II and Korea  2 seat   Carrier Fighter (click on number for)  49" or  80"  Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits   


Grumman OV1-B "Mohawk"  Vietnam Era Twin Engine US Army   Observation Aircraft   

                                                 EASY TO BUILD ALL FOAM CONSTRUCTION

   Plans (3 sizes)  available in 56" Wingspan,      65" Wingspan       77"  Wingspan 

                                                 .15-.20 engines            .25-.40 engines           .45-.60 engines


Heinkel He111 H-6 WWII German Twin Engine   Bomber                          89"  Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits

Heinkel He219 "Uhu"   WWII German Twin Engine   Night Fighter         91"  Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits                                                                          121" Wingspan

 North American T-28 "Trojan"      US Military       Trainer                    80" Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits

Vultee P-66 "Vanguard"    1941 US Army Air Corps   Fighter                   86"  Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits   

Westland "Wyvern" S-4   1950"s  British Turbo-Prop   "Strike" Aircraft     75"  Wingspan

    Plans, Parts and Short Kits 


Paint   Fuel proof, water cleanup, sandable, in the color you need. Tape won't pull it off!

Send us an FS #, a  description, an RLM# or a color chip, and we'll send you the best paint ever! 

E-mail for more info.  Click here for prices and paint kits for our airplanes.


Grumman F4F "Wildcat" 'Fun Fly' A 48" Wingspan PROFILE "kinda scale" that is easy to build. 

It will do '3-D' maneuvers and it has no control interaction on any axis.  It also flies like a trainer at low speeds. 

This is the easiest and cheapest way to become a better pilot, and it looks good, too!   Click here for photo.

    Plans                                                $14   (prepaid, folded in envelope)



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